Raw Bee Pollen

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Raw Bee Pollen contains almost every important nutrient your body needs to thrive. It is the pollen produced by flowers that bees gather and is essentially honey that with a bite. Its high levels of nutrients make it a great source of clean quick energy and brain food. Perfect for exercise or mind work fuel.

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Bee Pollen is a true Superfood with its high levels of enzymes, trace elements, folic acid, vitamins, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and B complex content. Asides from its impressive nutritional profile, it can also help alleviate seasonal allergies with daily consumption before the allergy season.

WARNING: Assess your tolerance first by holding a few grains in your mouth. Start out with smaller amounts and gradually build up. Some individuals have a strong reaction to Bee Pollen. If you are allergic to bees and honey, you may be allergic to Bee Pollen. Pollen may also be unsafe for infants.

Ingredients & How to Consume

Ingredients & How to Consume


100% Multi-floral Raw Bee Pollen granules

How to Consume:

Getting strong with Bee Pollen is easy with its exotic floral flavour. A tablespoon or two in your favourite fruit bowl or smoothie is enough to do the trick! Enjoy as a sweet snack or add to smoothies, juices, or breakfast bowls.