Raw Acerola


Raw Acerola is a highly absorbed vitamin powerhouse with up to 50 times as much vitamin C than oranges and almost twice the bioavailability than that of synthetic sources. Consuming Acerola everyday provides your daily source of energizing and immune boosting vitamins and nutrients. Enjoy in a smoothie or simply sprinkled on fruits or oatmeal. 

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Acerola Cherries come from the tropical shrub Malpighia emarginata native to the Americas and Mexico. It has a flavor that goes easily with a lot of plant based or paleo concoctions. It has a sweet and sour taste that gives away all the nutrients inside.

The vitamin C complex in Acerola is essential for the immune system and can help your body fight off illnesses. It also supports collagen production to help with exercise recovery and help maintain your hair, skin, and nails. The Vitamin C complex in combination with the beta-carotene also helps to maintain eye health.

Acerola also contains other vitamin, minerals, phytonutrients, and co-factors that help make you feel strong and energetic. It is more than just a Superfood full of Vitamin C, it is a full spectrum bio-vitamin powerhouse!

Ingredients & How to Consume

Ingredients & How to Consume


100% Raw Acerola Powder

How to Consume:

Mix 1 teaspoon or more with water, juice, or a smoothie. Acerola also goes well sprinkled on top of fruits or ice cream.