Organic Golden Quinoa

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Our gluten-free and protein-packed Quinoa is loaded with fiber and helps keep your energy going throughout the day. Quinoa is the perfect substitute for rice and is rich in vitamins and minerals. This is a kitchen staple perfect for lunch or dinner recipes, such as protein bowls or veggie wraps.

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The Aztecs revered Quinoa for its properties that gave them wholesome energy and ensured their well being. It has been cultivated for hundreds of years much like rice but Quinoa contains much more balance nutrient profile and a surprisingly high amount of protein.

Quinoa is a great low sugar option due to its low glycemic index. Quinoa’s fiber and nutrient content can help keep you satisfied and energized without the post meal slump. It is an ideal everyday food source for vegetarians, vegans, strength athletes, and those looking to lose weight the natural way.

Ingredients & How to Consume

Ingredients & How to Consume


100% Golden Quinoa Seeds

How to Consume:

Quinoa is a light and fluffy seed that tastes like a grain when cooked. Cook Quinoa just like how you would cook rice but with a 1 part Golden Quinoa 2 parts water or broth ratio. Cook to an al dente or porridge-like consistency.