Guarana is the Superfood for high-energy sports and training, or when doing complex mental tasks. Expect long, smooth, and sustained levels of stimulating energy from this adaptogen. Boost your energy by mixing half a teaspoon with water or sprinkle on an Acai bowl. Expect very powerful caffeinated effects!

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Guarana is the seed of an Amazonian climbing plant that has long been used for its adaptogenic and energizing properties. The seeds are about the same size as coffee beans but the caffeine content in Guarana is higher than coffee but is slower to be released into the body. Unlike coffee, Guarana is non-acidic and provides balanced stimulating effects.

*Guarana is a potent source of caffeine and must be consumed responsibly.
* Take periodic breaks to let the body rest and keep it effective.


Ingredients & How to Consume

Ingredients & How to Consume


100% Vegan L-Theanine from Green Tea

How to Consume:

Mix ⅛ teaspoon into coffee, juice, tea, or water for best absorption. Consume up to three times daily.