The Sexy Side Effects Of Superfoods

What do Colin Farrell, Javier Bardem and Clive Owen all have in common? Besides being world class actors, they are world class actors with super sexy foreign accents. Even the simplest of words like “eat”, “pray” and “love” have girls around the world drooling when they are said with a Spanish accent.

I was hoping I could have the same effect on my boyfriend as I pronounced the ingredients in our morning smoothie bowl but for some strange reason, saying “Spirulina” or “Cacao” didn’t have him instantly begging for more. The good news for me? Where my California accent failed me, the Superfoods didn’t. Unbeknownst to most, these trendy little Superfoods have big side effects. Sexy side effects. 

Looking to improve your health…and your love life? Let me introduce you to the sexy side effects of Superfoods.

  1. Raw Spirulina. Jam-packed with Chlorophyll, antioxidants and probiotics, spirulina is a one-stop shop for glowing skin, and increased endurance. This powerful Superfood is a toxin-fighting algae that gently detoxes the body and reduces high blood pressure, allowing for improved circulation to the land down under. The Aztecs used this little green powder for centuries and now it’s really no wonder why. Add 1 tablespoon to hot/cold liquid or your favorite smoothie and you’ll start hearing the slow jams of Marvin Gaye before you know it.
  2. Raw Maca. While the Aztecs were gettin’ jiggy with Spirulina, Andeans have been fueling their active lifestyles with Maca. This root vegetable reduces stress, increases libido, balances mood swings and hormones (adios PMS!) and boosts energy without caffeine. That sounds pretty sexy, doesn’t it? Add a new flavor – and loads of vitamin B, C, magnesium and dozens of amino acids – to your yogurt parfait, chia seed pudding or morning tea for the ultimate pre “workout” potion.
  3. Raw Cacao. There is a reason your boyfriend buys you a heart-shaped box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day and it’s not just because he’s awesome. He wants to get groovy…and chocolate is the way to any woman’s heart. Non-alkalized cacao contains several “bliss chemicals” including phenylethylamine and anandamide that naturally boost your mood, fight depression and give you that falling-in-love high. The little bean is also a powerful antioxidant that absorbs toxins and free-radicals in the body, making the path clear for love messages to transmit from the brain to your baby makers. Just a teaspoon mixed in your warm coconut milk will put love on the brain real quick.
  4. Raw Cordyceps. If the Chinese were to make a recipe for long lasting love (making), they would surely include Cordyceps. In fact, Chinese record-breakers in the 1993 Olympics gave credit to this magic mushroom for their untouchable stamina. This adaptogenic Superfood is an athletes dream: it helps regulate oxygen flow in the body, reducing exhaustion while supporting muscle growth and stimulating your immune system, while enhancing your focus to a champions level without the crash . Not to mention it also has anti-aging properties! You might not be an Olympian, but a teaspoon of Cordyceps certainly could win you a gold medal.
  5. Recovery Protein. Before your head hits the pillow or slipping out the front door – #nojudgementzone – take a moment to sip on some plant-based protein. Protein is essential for recharging fatigued muscles and regulating the systems of a well-worked body. Vegan protein ups the ante. It is a natural metabolism booster and digests slowly in the body, allowing the benefits of your sweat sesh to last even longer. Combined with other sexy Superfoods, you’ll be ready to take your “exercise” routine to the next level.

While I can’t promise that these Superfoods will land you the foreign-actor-with-a-sexy-accent of your dreams, I can promise that adding them into the rotation will help make you sexier than your wildest dreams. Life is all about feeling good and when you feel good inside, it shows…and you glow.

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