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Superfoods are foods that have exceptionally high nutrient content that allow you to thrive!

In order to function well, your body expects a particular range of nutrients that may not be available in conventional food due to widespread depletion of soil minerals, use of synthetic hormones and antibiotics in large-scale farming, and the prevalence of harshly processed ingredients in common food products.

Superfoods help you meet and exceed your daily nutritional needs by supplying powerful concentrations of nutrients in easily absorbed and perfectly balanced forms. In addition, Superfoods are easy to consume and add to the diet. Adding even just one Superfood a day already makes a world of difference.

Use the power of Superfoods to help boost your immune system, nourish your skin and hair, improve or maintain your physique, enhance athletic prowess and libido, protect against toxins, stress, and sickness, and enjoy lifelong longevity!

How do I store your products?

Keep our superfood products in a cool, dark, and dry place. Our packaging has a special layer to protect our goods from the elements. If they are stored well, they can keep from a minimum of 1 year upwards to 3 or more years.

What's the easiest way to add Superfoods to my diet?

We recommend starting off by adding them to your green smoothies and then later on experimenting with recipes. We urge people to do their own research and explore the world of new possibilities!

Add more good stuff to push out the bad stuff!

The Healthy Grocery provides you with the world's top health products and Superfoods at the best prices. We are a small, family owned and operated company that believes in sustainability, honesty, and quality and we go long and far to obtain ingredients from fair, organic, and wildcrafted sources around the country and the world. 

We stand by our products because we use them ourselves and we have never felt better. Our lives have been changed forever and we decided to share them with you because it's too good to keep it a secret. Our mission is to help you achieve longevity, balance, and wellness! 

At we want your utmost satisfaction. If you are not 100% satisfied with our products, or customer service, please let us know and we will do everything we can to make sure that you are 101% satisfied.

Superfoods are healthy wholefood and not miracle pills. They are sources of nutrition that are as real as the bananas you find in the market except that they have been dehydrated.

Think of Superfoods as ingredients to a healthy lifestyle. They work much better if they are combined with lots of sunshine, fresh air, other healthy live food, exercise, and positive things!

Yes we do! Just send a message via our contact us form or email and inquire about buying wholesale.

It normally takes 2-4 business days (M,T,W,TH,F) to deliver. If 4 days has already gone by and your order is still not with you, please notify us by sending us an email along with your order # so that we may track and follow up on it.

The Healthy Grocery products are different from most other health supplements on the market, which are usually synthetic, isolated, and unusable by the body. We choose raw Superfoods that are as close to their natural state as possible, in order to benefit from the nutrient synergy of their complete enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

All our Superfoods are guaranteed to be natural, high-quality, bioavailable, and non-toxic.

Some of the benefits of Superfoods:

Improve your health
Boost your immune system
Recover faster
Improve your mood
Promote positivity
Enhance serotonin production
Enhance sexuality
Cleanse and alkalize the body
Look and feel great!

Ask yourself these questions.

Are you tired after a meal?

Superfoods require almost no energy for the body to digest but cooked food and processed food require a lot. You should be feeling energized after a meal, not tired!

Do you have frequent food cravings?

Cooked food and processed food deplete our body of vitamins and minerals and cause cravings, leading to a vicious cycle.

Do you have an energy slump in the afternoon?

Superfoods do not cause drastic spikes in energy, unlike cooked food and processed food. They facilitate a smooth transition of energy throughout the day and allow us to become more sensitive to the subtle rhythm of nature and our bodies.

Do you need coffee to start your day?

A lot of us feel groggy in the morning no matter how good our diet is, but you do not need to jumpstart your body with coffee and come crashing down a few hours later. Instead, fuel up for the day with Superfoods for real nutrition and long lasting energy with no crash.

Are you depressed and anxious and you don’t know why?

Eating food that does not provide proper nutrition slowly but surely ages the body prematurely, and our body responds by producing stress hormones related to depression and anxiety. Superfoods give our bodies the nutrition that it needs, replacing depression and anxiety with happiness and positivity.

With the addition of Superfoods you will notice that you have more energy throughout the day. Aside from the energy boost, your mood will slowly but surely even out, and you will enjoy a more balanced and positive outlook every day, along with a fitter body.

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